Online dating alert: the new phishing scam to avoid

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“Phishing” may sound like a nice way to spend a day on a boat, but it’s actually a form of email trickery to get you to reveal your personal information to criminals. Most commonly, you’ll receive an email that purports to be from a real company, asking you to click on a link and confirm your password, social security number, or other data. The scammers can then use your password to attempt to break into your account on other sites, including banks or other services and infect your computer with malware.

According to Naked Security, there’s a new phishing scam that uses branding to convince people to click on a link to “resolve a security problem” and enter personal information:

Once you click the link, the site really doesn’t look much like

images courtesy Naked Security

The ultimate lesson in this is not to click on links in an unsolicited email, no matter how familiar the sender seems. If you receive an email like this, you’re better off opening a new browser tab and going to for more information, or to contact their support staff.


Will you find your soulmate through a game?

Parisian couple playing ards

(photo credit) is betting that daters will want to use social gaming to break the ice and learn more about potential dates. Members will be able to “create shared experiences” by playing brief games with each other with instant messaging.

Will the addition of games like “Name That Dance” and “Drawn Together” justify the $20 per month and up subscription costs? Or will potential daters simply stick to the apps and games they know already?

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