Do you secretly want to date yourself?

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Research has shown that we’re attracted to people who look like us – similar facial features inspire trust.

Such look-alike partnering happens all the time, but some who believe facial similarities are a head start to a good relationship aren’t leaving it to chance. A new dating Web site that uses facial recognition to suggest pairings based on shared facial characteristics is giving Cupid a hand.

Find Your Face Mate uses the technology of – recently acquired by Facebook – to match daters based on similar facial features.

Do you tend to date people who look like you? I’m tempted to show my friends photos of my exes to see if there’s any resemblance!


Who’s cheating? You might be surprised.

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According to, the typical cheating husband might surprise you.

Instead of a scummy Leisuresuit Larry, a survey of Ashley Madison members revealed that the average cheater:

  • is in his 40s
  • has been married for more than a decade
  • has two kids
  • works in IT or engineering

The last one seems surprising, considering how male-dominated high tech workplaces are. But IT nerds are more likely to conduct personal business online and would have less opportunity to commit adultery with coworkers.

Of course, since it’s a self-reported survey of known lying cheaters, you may want to take this data with a grain of salt.

What profession do you think would be most likely to dominate the ranks of cheaters?

Are you an “Ivy League” dater?

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When two former Goldman Sachs investment bankers started a dating service for Harvard-educated professionals, it was considered a way to hook up with sugar daddies.

But after a pivot, HarvardDate has become IvyDate, and there’s no longer a requirement to have an expensive degree hanging on your wall in order to join:

Anyone can register for free on the site, no matter if or where they went to school. The catch is that the IvyDate team runs users through an admissions process, creating a community that’s “as selective as the Ivy League, without being limited to the Ivy League,” as Meric states.

So what kinds of qualities are IvyDaters looking for? Intellectual curiosity, love of learning, drive and determination, according to their FAQ.

While you can’t browse profiles, the IvyDate staff will send you five “hand selected” matches a week. It’s free to sign up, respond to messages, and send “Smiles”, but if you want to send substantive messages to any of your matches, you’ll have to pony up to the tune of $30 to $50 per month, depending on the length of your subscription.

IvyDate is focusing on New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles by holding events in these cities for their 30,000 members.

Would you pay for a dating site where you didn’t get to see who’s available beforehand? And would you limit yourself to only the ambitious types that IvyDate is seeking to aggregate?

Speed dating comes to mobile – on your schedule!

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We’re glad to see another app that bypasses the potential for endless online back-and-forth in favor of bringing people together in real life to find out if they’re truly compatible:

MiniDates joins Cheek’d and Coffee Meets Bagel in pushing a real-life connection much harder than a virtual one, by simply scheduling dates (or MiniDates) for you based on your schedule and suitor preferences. No messaging, no browsing, just a real-life blind date at a neutral, public location.


Interestingly enough, MiniDates is a mobile-friendly HTML5 app, not a native mobile app for the iPhone or Android. How this will affect functionality is up for debate, but one commenter at TechCrunch has already pointed out the screening effect of excluding Internet Explorer users.


New (almost) free mobile dating app for Jewish singles!

While has been the go-to web and mobile app for the Chosen People, many have balked at paying recurring subscription fees for dating apps in the post-OKCupid world. Enter Jewish Dating:

Screens from the iTunes app store for Jewish Dating

Built on the Dating DNA platform, the Jewish Dating app costs $.99 to buy (with a premium version for $4.99) with no ongoing fees.

While it’s still too early to tell if this model will attract enough customers to make the app worthwhile, it’s always good to see new options.

Should women have all the control in online dating?

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A new dating site in South Africa has launched with the express goal of putting women in the drivers’ seat. AdoptHim (does anyone else get a whiff of incest off the name?) claims to go beyond letting women block stalkers.

A man can’t see a woman’s profile or contact her until she adds him to a “whitelist” of approved members, encouraging greater profile completion by the men on the site. Men can also send virtual gifts (paid for with actual currency, of course) to show interest.

Back in the days of Spring Street Networks, I appreciated being able to have a profile that was only visible to members I contacted first. I haven’t found an existing online personals site with this feature, so maybe the AdoptHim guys are on to something.

In any event, get a new name. I can’t help but think the site is for male adult babies.

Will you find your soulmate through a game?

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(photo credit) is betting that daters will want to use social gaming to break the ice and learn more about potential dates. Members will be able to “create shared experiences” by playing brief games with each other with instant messaging.

Will the addition of games like “Name That Dance” and “Drawn Together” justify the $20 per month and up subscription costs? Or will potential daters simply stick to the apps and games they know already?

“So, what music are you into?”

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Ever had wildly divergent musical tastes act as a dealbreaker? Apparently you can now add the and apps to Spotify to see others who share your musical taste!

What’s the worst music a date has ever confessed to liking?

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