Should women have all the control in online dating?

Necklace that reads "Pussy Power"

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A new dating site in South Africa has launched with the express goal of putting women in the drivers’ seat. AdoptHim (does anyone else get a whiff of incest off the name?) claims to go beyond letting women block stalkers.

A man can’t see a woman’s profile or contact her until she adds him to a “whitelist” of approved members, encouraging greater profile completion by the men on the site. Men can also send virtual gifts (paid for with actual currency, of course) to show interest.

Back in the days of Spring Street Networks, I appreciated being able to have a profile that was only visible to members I contacted first. I haven’t found an existing online personals site with this feature, so maybe the AdoptHim guys are on to something.

In any event, get a new name. I can’t help but think the site is for male adult babies.


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